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The ‘Mysterious Universe’ is Talking About The Man Who Mastered Gravity

I’m not exactly sure how this came to pass, but I learned this week that The Man Who Mastered Gravity has been discussed at considerable length on the Mysterious Universe podcast. You can find the podcast here. Discussion of the Townsend Brown story begins about 38:20 in – after some discussion of something called “The …

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The Man Who Mastered Gravity is #1 on Amazon!

We’re Number One!!

According to Amazon.com this morning, The Man Who Mastered Gravity is the NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER… (…in the admittedly narrow category of “New Releases in Nuclear Weapons & Warfare History” but… who’s counting? A win is a win.  Take the win.)

Let There Be…. BOOKS!

You know that scene at the end of ‘Back to the Future’ where George McFly opens the box with his books that have just been published? I just had a moment like that. And I didn’t have to go back in time or master any Chuck Berry riffs to get there.

Is the Townsend Brown biography project cursed? These Harry Potter kids seem to think so.


I’m starting to wonder… …if this project is some kind of cursed. I just don’t seem to be able to get it over the ‘finished’! line.  There was a moment about a month ago when I seriously had the feeling, “it’s done.” It was a strange feeling, a sort of ‘authorial post-partum,’ a case of …

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