Ball Lightning in a Lab?

New Scientist magazine reports that scientists in Brazil have found a way to produce "ball lightning" (or something like it) in a laboratory experiment. "Ball lightning could soon lose its status as a mystery, now that a team
in Brazil has cooked up a simple recipe for making similar eerie orbs
of light in the lab," writes Hazel Muir  in this article at the New Scientist website.

Ball lightning is a subject that fascinated Townsend Brown, as it has fascinated others over the years.  But some of the contributors over at have their doubts about these experiments in Brazil.

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3 Responses to Ball Lightning in a Lab?

  1. Rocky says:

    It sounds too good to be true, which is the case. This may be a mechanism for some ball lightning incidents, however, ball lightning forms over water as often as over land. Without a source for the silicon, their explanation won’t hold water. Good shot, no cigar. The following link is a good example of ball lightning over water.

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