Back To The Future, or Forward To The Past?

Back to the Future for Just $20K

The Seattle scientist who wants to test a controversial prediction from
quantum theory that says light particles can go backward in time is,
himself, running out of time.

I guess you could say we’re now living on borrowed time,” wryly joked John Cramer, a physicist at the University of Washington. “All we need to keep going is maybe $20,000, but nobody seems that interested in funding this project.”

It’s a project that aims to do a conceptually simple bench-top test for evidence of something Albert Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” The test involves using a crystal to split a photon, a light particle, into two reduced-energy photons that — through careful manipulation — Cramer thinks could reveal a flash of time traveling backward.

Link: Physicist needs $20,000 for time-travel experiment.

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