Author name: Paul Schatzkin

Let There Be…. BOOKS!

You know that scene at the end of ‘Back to the Future’ where George McFly opens the box with his books that have just been published? I just had a moment like that. And I didn’t have to go back in time or master any Chuck Berry riffs to get there.

Houston... we have a book (or will soon)

Disregard The Previous!

Good news. After all that whining yesterday about being ‘cursed’, all the elements finally fell together this morning. All three editions – Hardcover, Softcover and eBook – have been submitted to IngramSpark for printing and distribution.  Next stop Amazon for direct distribution there. (update: The Kindle Edition is live already) According to Ingram, it will …

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Is the Townsend Brown biography project cursed? These Harry Potter kids seem to think so.


I’m starting to wonder… …if this project is some kind of cursed. I just don’t seem to be able to get it over the ‘finished’! line.  There was a moment about a month ago when I seriously had the feeling, “it’s done.” It was a strange feeling, a sort of ‘authorial post-partum,’ a case of …

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Paul Johnson (ca. 1970), whose 'Modern Times' (1985) declared 1919 as the start of 'Our Relativistic World'

Our Relativistic World:
Einstein, Eddington, and ‘Modern Times’

According to Paul Johnson (shown above in 1970) it’s a ‘relativistic world’ and we just live in it. Marx, Freud and Einstein all conveyed the same message to the 1920s: the world is not what it seems. – Paul Johnson, ‘Modern Times’ (1985) I had never heard of Paul Johnson until his recent passing was …

Our Relativistic World:
Einstein, Eddington, and ‘Modern Times’
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For the Townsend Brown biography, a new title and a new cover.

Yes, Virginia…

…. there is a new book! (or, rather, there soon will be…) If you have arrived at this page because you’re looking for a page from the ‘old book,’ we regret to inform that material is no longer accessible, because…. It only took 13 years (!) but the finished (i.e. edited, proofread and indexed) version …

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