Another Researcher Tracks Sarbacher

How Dr. Sarbacher Died Yields New, Different UFO Mystery!

Dr. Sarbacher lived in Palm Beach, Florida, at the time of his death, and although Florida will release a death certificate to anyone who orders one, the state by law can only release a cause of death on a Florida death certificate to family members, which made finding someone who actually knew Dr. Sarbacher at the time of his death even more crucial to solve the mystery.

I don’t know how long I spent on this off and on.  A week?  Every promising beginning to a new clue had a disappointing end.  I discovered Sarbacher had a daughter and a son.  The daughter had changed her name while in her 30’s, which only made things more mysterious.  After a series of dead ends I had an idea which led to a clue, which led to more clues, which I followed to the online profile of another Robert Sarbacher whom the information I found suggested was Dr. Sarbacher’s son.

Who then tells this intrepid researcher that his father was designing missiles to chase flying saucers.  Does make you wonder what the missiles were supposed to do if the flying saucers reversed directions…

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