Another “Missing Person”

I was just thumbing through some of Townsend Brown’s correspondence from the last year of his life, and  found a letter he wrote to somebody named Josh Reynolds on April 4, 1984.  I’m familiar with the name, as I’ve seen it before in correspondence I’ve found among Dr. Brown’s papers.  I believe he and Mr. Reynolds had a mutually beneficial relationship in the final years of Dr. Brown’s life, with Mr. Reynolds offering both moral support and the offer of some material support for Dr. Brown’s final endeavors.

I have not really made any effort to find Mr. Reynolds, not having the slightest idea where to start.  20+ years ago, he worked for a company in Los Angeles called “Molecular Electronics Corp.” on Century Blvd.  Suite 700, to be precise.  Needless to say, that company is not there any more.
So, Josh Reynolds, if you’re out there somewhere, please get in touch.  You are one of the few people who had close contact with Townsend Brown during the final years of his life, and we’d like to hear whatever you can recollect about that relationship.

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  1. Elizabeth Helen Drake

    I just finished reading a report about a conference on Townsend Browns work held in Philadelphia in April of 1994 and the name of Josh Reynolds (NEW WAVE PARTNERS)comes up. Same fellow? Anybody know that outfit?

  2. Yes I knew TT Brown very well from 1978 til his passing over in ’83.
    We financed his gravito-electric generator, a solid state AC “battery” that collected “gravitons”, or what he believed were neutrinos that were interacting with the heavy metal silicates in his basaltic rocks, generating a polarity of fluctuating voltages which were strongest across the “electrical axis” of the rock
    We also worked with Townsend’s electro-gravitic, flying discs that he first demonstrated to high ranking naval officials in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) in the early 50’s. His workbook and notes were temporarily confiscated and he was told (so he said) NOT to continue the work. This precipated his move to France to work with a French aerospace company that conducted experiments to show that the effect would prevail in a vacuum (space). When he returned he stopped in Washington DC to see friend he went thru the Naval Training School with, Admiral Rickover who told he he must stop pursuing his anti-gravity work because it could fall into the hands of the “enemy”. Remember this was during McCarthism times….
    Townsend tried to het the CA based aerospace companies interested and that’s when someone (hmmm???) started some nasrty rumors to discredit him. It was very very hard on his family. He then turned his work to converting “gravity” into electricity and this is where I started funding his works at places like Cal State and Oklahaom State Univ as well as private labs.
    Townsend and Josephine (wife) retired on Catalina where he continued to conduct experiments with “his” rock sensors using dozens of strip chart recorders inc EEGs to capture the sidereal rythms of what he believed was, a) gravitons, or neutrinos, b) (whatever it was he was convinced they were) coming from the center of our galaxy!
    Anyone interested in more?
    Townsend, you’re still w us!
    Joshua Reynolds
    [email protected]

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