Amazing New “Zero Gravity” Effect Revealed

Must be seen to be believed!  A couple of copper-tops, a soda can, and a playing card and… voila!

How does he do it??

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4 Responses to Amazing New “Zero Gravity” Effect Revealed

  1. Edgar says:

    I think it’s a bluff. But, I live in Europe, and my mobile phone has a different frequency than those in the states.
    I’d like to see it in real life, but I couldn’t reproduce the effects.

  2. Maggy Rond says:

    It has nothing to do with the Eur/US frequencies. 99% of our present day cellphones have built in antenna’s that work with much lower energy than those larger ones with longer antenna’s. Perhaps these are still in use in the US to cover larger distances between receivers.

  3. Jonathan Wyman says:

    Has anyone actually been able to reproduce this experiment, or does he have some small thread and a puppeteer out of the camera angle? just wondering. e-mail me and let me know if you have…

  4. Carlos says:

    Computer Generated Images (CGI). That’s all it is. I did the same trick in a movie trailer which you can find here…
    Except this throws a bunch of cards… and made them whizz past the camera. But it’s basicly the same concept, except he did a good job with the “setup”… pepsi can, CD, cellphone… that was good touch.

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