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The Book Marketing Committee…

….has just held their first "meeting"

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New Flying Saucer Runs on Plasma

"Plasma" is one of the buzz words that frequently gets mentioned here in the Parallel Universe — think "Foo Fighters."  Maybe this is why? The suggested prototype offers several advantages. It can hover and take off vertically. With no moving … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Phase 2”

As outlined in an e-mail sent to registered members of this site earlier today, the online version of the first draft of Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown is no longer available. Please visit "The Second Draft" … Continue reading

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Zoom Zoom

During a phone conversation over this past weekend, I was for some reason reminded of this opening sequence from the movie "Contact," based on Carl Sagan’s novel and starring Jodie Foster.  This has got to be the greatest "pull out" … Continue reading

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Jacques Cornillon: 1910 – 2008

(Jacques Cornillon was instrumental in arranging the experiments that Townsend Brown conducted in France in 1956.) Jacques M. Cornillon, of Point Pleasant, passed away Saturday, May 24 at the age of 98 at his home with his family by his … Continue reading

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Celebrate “Brute Force”

Starting Sunday night June 8, The Discovery Channel will begin a weekly documentary series observing the 50th Anniversary of NASA: When We Left Earth is the story of mankind’s greatest adventure, leaving the earth and living in space. For the … Continue reading

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