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“Deep Throat” Hinted at Exotic Antigravity Project?

This is actually a fairly old story, having first surfaced a couple of years ago when Mark Felt outted himself as Woodward and Bernstein’s "Deep Throat" informant during Watergate.  But it surfaced in my Google alerts this morning so I … Continue reading

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What Would YOU Do…

…if you could go "zero G" for a few seconds?  Play a game of "human catch," of course… Looks like just another day on the Vomit Comet…

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Making Time Travel a Reality

Seems there is a recurring theme in a lot of this ‘time travel’ stuff… On May 22, 1955, Ronald Mallett’s father, a 33 year-old TV repairman from the Bronx, died of a sudden heart attack. Mallett (pronounced M’lette) was 10 … Continue reading

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Chapter 69 is Now Online

Chapter 69: How Fast A Fat Pony may strike a reader at first as a lot of personal details that may not be of a whole lot of interest, but when you get to the end I hope you’ll see … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life ?

Why, some of you no doubt wonder, is this taking so long?  This little YouTube video gives you some idea: it’s about managing all the information. All that shuffling about, sorting, copying/pasting, backspacing/deleting retyping?  That’s pretty much a typical day … Continue reading

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Chapter 68 is Now Online

Chapter 68: A New Age of Speed and Power ponders the question "how could Townsend Brown have been circulating Project Winterhaven — his proposal for a secret, government sponsored "anti-gravity" program — at the same time he had the FBI … Continue reading

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