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OK, I Give Up: What Happened in Peru?

Somebody mentioned this at a songwriter’s night the other night, and I thought "wait a second… that sounds familiar."  It was mentioned in our forums a couple of days ago.  Something about a meteor landfall in Peru… a giant crater… … Continue reading

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Chapter 67-B: Flying Baskets in the Bible

A few days after I posted Chapter 67, one of the regular contributors to our forums noted my opening disclaimer, where I admit that the chapter is a reconstruction based on one person’s recollections of a long-ago conversation. Reading that, … Continue reading

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Chapter 67 (a sidebar) is Now Online

And now for something completely different. All the chapters written so far have been as faithful as possible to the personal accounts provided by the people portrayed in those chapters.  Chapter 67: Flying Saucers in the Bible is offered as … Continue reading

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Chapter 66 is Now Online

Chapter 66: Hot Town, Summer in the City deals mostly with the development of Townsend Brown’s "electro-kinetic loudspeaker," the speaker with no moving parts that Morgan was shown a prototype of when he first met Dr. Brown at Ashlawn three … Continue reading

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