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More “Black Triangles”

There has been considerable discussion over the past week in the forums on the subject of "Black Triangles," a relatively new addition to "UFO" debate that challenges the familiar "flying disc" paradigm.  One  contributor recently posted a link to this … Continue reading

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And You Thought Time Travel is “Implausible”?

Now, here’s 21st Century Celebrity Physicist Brian Greene (author of "The Elegant Universe") describing how one day, we will all be able to create a whole Universe in our kitchen.  All you need to start is a miniature black hole.  … Continue reading

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They’re On To Us!

Satirical political cartoonist "Tom Tomorrow" appears to be reading our blog and forums.  He has proposed a solution to the world’s current geo-political quagmire that he could ONLY have gleaned from these pages.  Read the latest "Tom Tomorrow" comic strip. … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

This year, Ann and I are grateful for, among other things: airplanes, rental cars,  digital cameras and a nifty software program called "Photoshop."  For a diversion from our usual weighty topics, click on the image at the right to scroll … Continue reading

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The Las Vegas Presentation

On November 11, 2006, I addressed the assembled multitudes at the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference with an elaborate Powerpoint presentation summarizing my investigations into the life of T. Townsend Brown.  The presentation was video recorded, and here, at last, is … Continue reading

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A $12-Billion Boondoggle?

I see the world is all fired up this morning about the ITER, the International Thermonuclear Test Reactor that will combine all the of world’s vast knowledge about Tokomak design into one giant money pit somewhere in France.  Sorta reminds … Continue reading

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But Wait: Is THIS the GREATEST Invention EVER?

OAK RIDGE, TN—After six grueling years of Herculean research, scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory pronounced EHC-1 Alpha, the new hyperbolic chamber, "an unquestionably, undeniably, fantastically revolutionary milestone in the history of science, mankind, and the universe, all of … Continue reading

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If This Kid Can Do It…

My new political platform:  two cars in every garage, a chicken in every pot, and a nuclear fusion reactor in every basement. Teen creates nuclear fusion in his Michigan basement

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Townsend Brown on

Hey kids, how hip is THIS: Townsend Brown has a MySpace page! Now all he needs is a slew of "friends"  

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Bussard on Fusion

Dr. Robert Bussard recently visited the Googleplex to  discuss his latest developments in controlled nuclear fusion: Or click here for a larger-screen version: Should Google Go Nuclear? Clean, cheap, nuclear power (no, really) Description: Google Tech Talks November 9, 2006 … Continue reading

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