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Ball Lightning Over Berlin?

I’ve just noticed that one of the members of my forum has posted an entry about an unusual "Fireball Over Berlin:" The post provides a very detailed account of what appears to have been a ball-lightning event.  That is … Continue reading

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Chapter 42 Now Online

Another installment in the "Morgan/Linda" story line, "Your First Lesson" continues Morgan’s vetting and begins his training at the hands of another member of Townsend Brown’s network.  Meet the man we call "O’Riley."

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Chapter 41 Now Online

Sometimes, in order to negotiate our way through this material, it will be necessary to take what seem like very small steps.  Such is the case with Chapter 41- Notes from the Rabbit Hole: Forks In The Road. This installment … Continue reading

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UFO Hacker Faces Extradition

I think I’ve mentioned Gary MacKinnon before. MacKinnon is the Scot who hacked his way into US military computers looking for evidence of UFOs and antigravity technologies.  His extradition to the US to face charges of espionage — and possibly … Continue reading

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No New Chapter This Week

Chapter 41 is still "in development," as they say in Hollywood.  Read about it here.

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