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Now Online: Chapter 9

A couple of weeks ago, I started writing some more about Townsend Brown’s academic career — specifically,  about an encounter he had at Cal-Tech in 1924 with one of the luminaries of the emerging world of Quantum Mechanics. As I … Continue reading

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Return of the Nazi Bell?

Anybody who has read Nick Cook’s "Hunt for Zero Point" will be familiar with the subject of this story that showed up in my in-box yesterday: Link: Defense contractor’s anti-gravity discovery disclosed. A fabled top secret World War II technology, … Continue reading

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Patent issued for anti-gravity device

This one came across my desk last week: Link: Patent issued for anti-gravity device. …and I have seen the same article a couple of times since. I’m not sure what to make of the story. But I figured if you … Continue reading

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Another Obscure Genius

Yesterday I was doing some reading and research on the history of electricity, and was rather surprised to learn the name of Hans Christian Oersted — who was the first to make the connection between electricity and magnetism in 1820. … Continue reading

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Now Online: Chapter 8

As the prevous chapter implies, just how Townsend Brown came upon the ideas that he spent his life investigating is as important as the ideas themselves.  So Chapter 8, "Some Kind of Revelation" begins to  examine the inner workings of … Continue reading

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Now Online: Chapter 7

I’ve just posted a link to Chapter 7: Notes from the Rabbit Hole #2:  Preparation and Inspiration This installment is not so much about Townsend Brown as it is about the process that we are exploring, i.e. ‘big ideas and … Continue reading

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New Links Section: This Week’s Reading

Today I’m launching a new section to this site, "This Week’s Reading." I’ve scanned, skimmed, and read a ton of material in the course of researching and writing this book over the past three years.  I have an enormous range … Continue reading

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