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George White & Hector Serrano Respond

As promised in the previous post, I contacted George White, the author of this article about testing the Biefeld-Brown effect in a vacuum.  I was curious about George’s reference to "original experiments" conducted with a votive candle, since I’m not … Continue reading

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Biefeld-Brown Remains A Riddle

Ah, the first day of "standard" time.  What bizarre concept, daylight "savings" time.  I wonder, how much time have I actually "saved," and is there is a "time bank" where I can make a withdrawal the next time I need … Continue reading

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Now Online: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Second Edison is now available online.  Regular visitors to this site will note that it has been two weeks since a new chapter has been added (the intent is to post a new one every week); I … Continue reading

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The Electric Sun

The word "plasma" comes up a lot in The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown, though the word can seem to have myriad uses.  Here’s an article that postulates that the sun and stars are not deep-space nuclear fusion reactors … Continue reading

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Selected Reading

I’ve just posted a link (under "Too Far Out") to a story about traveling faster than light (aka "superluminal velocities") and time travel.  I’m not ready to spend a whole of time on these subjects, but I do want to … Continue reading

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Now Online: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Electric Earthworms is now available for your online reading pleasure.  Meet young Thomas T. Brown, budding boy electrician, and learn a little about the origins of the family fortune which he will inherit — and be expected to … Continue reading

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Another “Missing Person”

I was just thumbing through some of Townsend Brown’s correspondence from the last year of his life, and  found a letter he wrote to somebody named Josh Reynolds on April 4, 1984.  I’m familiar with the name, as I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Now Online: Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter 3:  Notes From The Rabbit Hole #1: A Bitter Pill introduces the device I am going to use to include my own perspective on the peculiar unravelling of this story.  I have known all along that there would be … Continue reading

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