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Big Bang Cosmology Meets an Astronomical Death

This morning I was reminded of a suggestion made to me earlier this year to look into the work of one Dr. Hannes Alfven, a contemporary of Dr. Brown’s who speciliazed in ‘plasma’ physics.’  For reasons that are not entirely … Continue reading

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Anybody Seen This Unit ?

Chapter 2: No Moving Parts introduces Townsend Brown’s electrostatic fan/loudspeaker, which eventually became the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Air Purifier (that reminds me, I need to clean mine…). The unit described in this paragraph was taken to California, and reappears … Continue reading

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Now Online: Chapter 2

No Moving Parts … is now online and available for your reading pleasure. I have to confess, I got pretty well stuck yesterday.  But, that’s to be expected when when you’re wading through a swamp.  You think you see where … Continue reading

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Another Country Heard From

"Another country heard from" was one of Townsend Brown’s favorite expressions.  According to an old associate who heard him use it any number of times, "the expression usually meant that someone else had chimed in who you didn’t expect to … Continue reading

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Now Online: Chapter 1

The Boy With The Chestnut Hair It may seem odd to readers that the body of Townsend Brown’s biography  begins not with the early, formative days Brown’s life in the early 1900s,  but with the beginnings of a romance between … Continue reading

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Open To The Public

Welcome to the new "" website.  This website is "a work in progress dedicated to a work in progress" — a  a place to explore the myriad mysteries surrounding the life of T. Townsend Brown, the "obscure 20th century scientist," … Continue reading

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What Are We To Believe?

Here’s a good example of the sort of input that I have exposed myself to since embarking on this journey into the ‘Parallel Universe.’ I have a number of standing Google Alert searches, one of which delivers to my desktop … Continue reading

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Missing Persons

There are numerous individuals whose names drift in and out of the Townsend Brown saga and, not surprisingly, their trails are near impossible to trace.  For example, Robert I. Sarbacher is an individual who has been linked to Townsend Brown’s … Continue reading

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