Zoom Zoom

During a phone conversation over this past weekend, I was for some reason reminded of this opening sequence from the movie "Contact," based on Carl Sagan’s novel and starring Jodie Foster.  This has got to be the greatest "pull out" ever put on film:

You know, whenever I see a photo or film that impresses me for its vantage point, I almost automatically wonder, “where’d they put the camera?”
Which, I think — as the hiatus ends and I contemplate the imposing volume sitting on my desk — may be be something like the question I’m asking myself now.

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  1. trickfox says:

    If you think that pull out was good you should try and watch a short film called powers of ten. It was made by a couple of guys who lived in Santa Monica back in the mid 70s. The Eames Brothers.
    They removed it from youtube because of the intellectual property rights. I purchased it and I remember sending it to you about two years ago. You returned it to me when we met in Las Vegas. Too bad you did not get a chance to see it. Starts off with a man lying on the grass in a park in Chicago, and it goes all the way to the farthest point in the universe, then they turn around and zoom all the way back to him lying in the park then they get closer and closer till they show you his hand, then they zoom all the way down to the atom, then the neutron, and right down to beyond the quark.
    That film changed my life when I saw it when I was around 15 years old.

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