New Flying Saucer Runs on Plasma

"Plasma" is one of the buzz words that frequently gets mentioned here in the Parallel Universe — think "Foo Fighters."  Maybe this is why?

The suggested prototype offers several advantages. It can hover and take off vertically. With no moving parts, the WEAV should be markedly reliable. And though his battery-powered model is only six inches across, Roy thinks a larger craft is possible.

Roy applied his experience doing U.S. Air Force-funded plasma research to develop the propulsion system devoid of typical aircraft parts such as propellers and engines. Here is how it works: Electrodes lining the vehicle’s surface ionize the surrounding air. This creates plasma on the vehicle’s exterior. An electrical current sent through this plasma generates a force that not only produces the necessary lift and momentum. It also stabilizes the vehicle in windy conditions.

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  1. FM No Static At All says:

    I just recently posted that very phrase, which is a book title by Lloyd Pye, Everything You Know Is Wrong! Oh what synchronicity flows through the pages and people of this forum!

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