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A nail through my left shoe

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:52 pm
by Mikado14
Good Morning Mr. Twigsnapper, (at least where I am)

You have asked a simple question that has turned into that hydra of previous discussion somewhere in this forum. I thought I would give you a progress report and perhaps you could clarify your original request a bit after you read where I am at.


1. a combination of financial institutions, capitalists, etc., for carrying into effect some financial operation requiring large resources of capital.

This particular part or definition could describe the "Caroline" but in my opinion it is only in part and more than probably is secondary to the primary goal of the group.

2. any association, partnership, or union.

Now this is more than likely what the "Caroline" is all about. Like minded individuals pursuing a like minded goal. I also must add that I believe a foundation of certain moral, ethical beliefs structure would be in order.

3. Law. the legal right of husband and wife to companionship and conjugal intercourse with each other: In a wrongful death action the surviving spouse commonly seeks damages for loss of consortium.

I am more than fairly certain that this does not apply, if I am wrong, I know you will correct me....and please, no magazines. <g>

Now my dilemma.

You speak of a consortium but the "Caroline" is much different. There are likely individuals that are "Caroline" that don't even know it. In fact, I am now more convinced that perhaps we here in the forum are "Caroline" and don't even realize it. I further believe that the REAL "Caroline" is rather quite condensed and though I would like to say it probably has it's own council of twelve, there are probably a wee bit more. Those individuals have their own connections in the world with different vocations that afford them the opportunity to further those goals of the "Caroline"'s inner sanctum. I believe the foundations of that group are wholly involved in improving the human condition and survival but only by a nudge here and a nudge there. Sort of like a planetary "teach a man to fish" dictum.

Now there is the rub.

In order for me to pick who/whom those 12 individuals are, would require me to know them. I don't know the Dahli Lama or Lisa Randall for that matter. Anyway, I believe that they are aware of the Caroline and that the latter has high odds of being one and that would include her sister as well. Again, I don't know them. I don't know what their inner self is like, what their soul envisions this world to be. Are they Capitalists? Republicans? Democrats? Satanist?......would I trust them with my Soul? and if so, could I trust them with the soul of the planet and all those upon it?

A further view in response to the question would be to answer with the type of individual I would choose. Of primary concern would be that the individuals must put the well being of mankind as primary importance and that decisions made, whether it be tough love or what ever is done with that in mind. Do I know twelve individuals like that? The answer is no. Which now brings me to this.

Am I to choose from individuals I don't even know? Do I choose the Dahli Lama and Lisa Randall? Do I choose from a host of other personalities? Is that what you are asking? And if so, I haven't the foggiest notion of what these people are like and I am to choose based upon what? Their background? It certainly is not upon their spiritual, moral or ethical beliefs unless of course that is the reason the individual is chosen as with the Dahli Lama. What if I chose an individual who has knowledge but is only interested in owning the outcome of the knowledge and wishes to exploit it? How am I to know this of the individual? The prerequisite is that I need to know them.

Do you wish me to choose from the forum based upon the writings that the individuals have posted? I don't think so for I wouldn't know where to start. But if that is the case......I choose everyone.

How about this, individuals who hold the highest respect for humankind and the planet and the universe, in that order would be selected. The twelve individuals would cover everything from the arcane to the concrete of what is known. There would be scientists, scholars and philosophers as well as poets and romantics and most of all, they must be dreamers. They must be able to look upon a field of dandelions and see the beauty but in the same vein look upon the world and recognize the horrors that exist. There would be no genders involved only like minded beings of light.

Well, this is where I am at. No specific names, only questions and no answers.


taking its time

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 3:03 pm
by Victoria Steele
Besides being shocked by the size of the thing Trickfox the thing that comes to my mind is that the vanilla bean at the end of it is the thing that takes so much time to develop.

The bloom has a specific reason and parts for that reason.( Back in my biology classes!) All the time the bean getting bigger and more full of the flavor that will be appreciated later.

And it comes strongly into focus for me that your " Vanilla Conference" looks like its on the time frame that it will be on. One thing after another.

That blossom looks like something from another world but its from ours, right under our noses.

What did you say the best thing would be? The first taste of vanilla , shared with friends? Something like that? I can see that happening in that wonderful blossom. And the bean is already there, getting bigger and bigger everyday!

So Paul? any chance for something before you charge out of the door for your long weekend? It looks like we are onto someone interesting when we look at Jacques Bergier. Will we be going down a dead end if we keep looking hard at him? Did he actually ever live in the US for any length of time or could the house that the Browns have been staying in have been his uncle Gamovs? And if thats the case? Then what sort of connection does that mean?

Like Langley said, when these guys go undercover no one would have recognized them I think. PERIOD. If these guys are what you might mean to call " Caroline members" they are entrenched in the very highest levels of government and science. I am taken by this Gamov character because of the note that I found that he was a big man with a rousing sense of humor. and I thought "this man and Townsend Brown probably, if they had ever met .... would have really enjoyed each others company." And like grinder said, I think. Wouldn't Bergier have had connections with his Uncle in the states? Seems to be only right that he would have.

I appreciate the science and all that but boy the personal side of it is get as interesting as anything. And the thought of our Mr. Twigsnapper in Washington DC at that time .... following behind that determined little girl .... I can just see him saying to himself " Where the heck is she going?" and the thought struck me, since you seem to be very much in Linda Browns life still ... Twigsnapper .... is she still difficult to keep track of? <g> Victoria

steady Trickfox

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 3:26 pm
by Victoria Steele
Dry yourself off before you start the day.

That post was actually written by Mr. Gaston Burridge in 1958. Why someone chose to repost it with this date on it I have no idea.

Its an interesting read. I have known about it for years and I am sure that Paul has seen it too on more than one occasion. Perhaps it was posted just to be called to our attention? Knowing this now ... are you still wet or are you all dried now and bushy tailed?

If you question that I am right just catch the very end of the article. Note the date.


I Know about the history here

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 3:49 pm
by Trickfox
I Know..... but still you know that anyone paying attention to Thomas Townsend Brown would at least try doing a google search and find US first then perhaps there would be no need to duplicate all this posting in other blogs.

This is like blogging without thinking ....Sort of like BLABBING without thinking!!.

So Siddyayoooo out there PAY ATTENTION would you!


old coming around again

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 3:58 pm
by Elizabeth Helen Drake
It is interesting that the old Gaston Burridge article would surface again just now. Don't look at me guys! I didn't do it! Who did? Anybody from our forum?

Or........ perhaps it is an invitation to us ( surely someone in the know would recognize that this would catch our attention!) ........ Its a great temptation to tell people what the UPDATE of the story is? And use their own venue to do it ............. I am tempted to enter a comment .... but I hesitate ...... the urge in me to go in that direction and share with so many others is not that strong yet. But maybe that is wrong of me.

But was it was just coincidence? You know how we all feel about that! So I ask myself what was the agenda behind it .... if it wasn't just the purest of flukes. Maybe Paul has a thought on this?

At least it got a red fox all wound up! Elizabeth

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:25 pm
by kevin.b
Someone has pinched your vanilla ?
Mikado 14,
A link to madame blavatsky, who formed a secret inner circle of twelve?
I am very interested in crop circles, and their geometry, think flower of life.


just keeping an eye out on who's keeping an eye out for

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:43 pm
by Trickfox
Another good idea Kevin....As allways I'm amazed at your superpowers my old friend.

What's wrong with "feeling the pulse" of time itself my dear friends....

People are afraid of change but and they always underestimate how youth can overcome the old and overly conservative idealisms for social values, faith and global values of modern society.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:43 pm
by kevin.b
A sort of throw away line in that report jumped out at me,

"the last can raise the devil"

It is in a section about dielectrics holding a charge, then discharging back into the source, if their pressure exeeds the charging source
It is an odd thing to have placed in itallics, as though he meant it litterally.
Depends what he thought the devil is?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:53 pm
by flowperson
Hello all...

Well my impression is that perhaps something or someone is putting older stuff out there that, in the layman's eyes, smack's of the "flying saucer/alien invasion/50's science fiction film mania syndrome". This has historically been the major PR weapon trotted out when any "serious" effort is made to delve into these matters . And folks, that's what we all here are attempting, openly, to do. While this is not misinformation, it is certainly misdirection in a PR sense.

By doing things like this, those who wish to undermine our efforts are attempting to do so by denying us degrees of anonymity which are necessary for efforts such as ours to succeed. It is akin to 'demonization campaigns" so familiar these days which are increasingly connected with political warfare. Once the media gets ahold, it usually shakes such "serious" investigative efforts into death throes, just like a terrier with a rabbit that it chases, follows into a hole, and catches.

This, IMHO, is evidence of such attempts ( expect more in the future), by those who have a large interest in countering our approaching certain truths that Paul and we are pursuing through the writing of his biography of TTB and our discussions here. Remember TTB's role in helping to form NICAP back in the day as a serious attempt at investigating the anomalies we are looking at here ? And remember what eventually happened to NICAP? As far as I know it only exisits in history as a pile of data laying around somewhere with no conclusions ever reached through the serious interpretation of that data. I do not believe that anyone here wishes that to be the fate for Paul's and our efforts.

Let's try to concentrate upon our tasks at hand and not be sidetracked by the dark forces out there who will ALWAYS try and derail our efforts. Let's ignore these types of things, to the extent possible, and keep our collective noses to the grindstone of the tasks at hand. If we succumb to the temptation of paying too much attention to misdirection efforts, then we will automatically become misdirected.

And Trickfox... lookin good !

flow.... 8)

eye on what really is

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 5:55 pm
by Martin Calloway
I enjoy watching diversions. I also enjoy watching those who seem to be able to pierce through those detours like a heated knife through butter. Flow you certainly have that ability and your posts show it.

And of course there is Elizabeth who seems to quietly go along consistantly coming up with gems like the one she wrote many months ago and which seems appropriate now.

Just REALLY look at what she says here: She is discussing the possibility of a " relationship" with another intelligence.................

"And I think that just about says it all. If Dr. Brown were here I wonder if he would point to the word and then try to get us to understand that we have had an "intelligent partner" here on earth ... with us ..... all along .... and this book, besides telling us an interesting story about the life of one man and his family ..... this book is introducing that " consortium", demonstrationg actually how it interacted in Townsend Browns life. How it will probably interact in many more generations of lives and that somehow in this particular age its important that people understand this relationship better. Not something that happens over night but this book is part of that process. THATS the real story here. My two cents worth."

Pretty valuable two cents I would say.

Its just a little earlier in this same thread. Itsmore than interesting to see what she has said during this whole discussion. Martin

direct question

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:32 pm
by grinder
After reading Martins last post about Elizabeths comments on the word " consortium" I realized thats what SHE thought that this effort was all about but that doesn't really say what YOU think this book is really talking about.

Everyone has a different viewpoint and I wondered, after all the time you have spent, what you really think that the purpose and thrust of this book is?

Elizabeth seems to be latched onto something quite a bit more metaphysical.

I wondered what your focus was Paul.? How do YOU see the actual importance of this book?

I would really like your take on it because as I see it you are the one who has kept a very strong sense of reality and solid reporting . Its almost as if you are the " science" part ( in attitude) and Elizabeth is more the philospical or magical part of this effort.

Strange though because I can't imagine actually that the book would be as good if you guys were not working together. or it was just one slant and not a combination/

And its odd because thats what everyone says the future will eventually be. A place wehre science and spirituality meet., and you guys seem to be already displaying it. grinder

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:13 am
by flowperson
Hi...A couple of pages ago we briefly mentioned and discussed the historical involvement of the Knights Templar in all of this. I ran across this article today outlining a reconciliation between the Vatican and the Knights. Another non-coincidence ? Anyway it is interesting that these two powerful societal institutions should choose RIGHT NOW to settle their 700 year old differences.

flow.... :roll: ... can105.xml

watch out

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:38 am
by Elizabeth Helen Drake
My initial response to the Knights Templar story is .... I hope they maintain their vigil. Elizabeth

Re: it's time

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:59 pm
by Mikado14
Trickfox wrote:
Whom ... exactly .......whom had the motive to post this today?

Do I see any members in this forum involved in writting this?

Whom is "Siddhaya"???????????????

Someone needs to call me on the phone perhaps?



The name "Siddhaya" rang a bell and I had to look it up. Siddhaya was a scholar from the Tattvärtha Sutra. Apparently, whom ever posted it views themselves as a scholar of sorts. The basic premise of the Tattvärtha Sutra are three principles that every living being has a right of self-existence that translate into three practices: 1) you’ll not kill, 2) you will not trample others thoughts and 3) you will not trample nature.

Translated: 1) no acts of war, 2) no economic exploitation and 3) no environmental & ecological destruction.

So, was it a distraction or is someone sending a message within the name? Was the article just the vehicle to get the name out there? Could that not describe the Caroline? Remember, I do not believe it is the technology with the Caroline has much as it is mankind.

Crap....I don't know, I'm still trying to come up with names of individuals that I don't even know exist to sit around a table and probably eat ice cream....


PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:08 pm
by kevin.b
Whilst on about the templars, I consider they are basically the masons.
I cannot get the phrase " raise the devil" out of my head that appeared in the 50s document.
What if you can?
Look through this link, especially the royal arch synagogue of satan link contained in it, they always have these twin towers with balls on the top, is it me? or do they remind you of Tesla?
So who the devil is the devil?
Wings and horns, sounds like an alien to me?