Broken String (Theory)

Now we learn that after nearly twenty years of String Theory, some physicists are starting say that the Emperor has no clothes:

Has string theory tied up better ideas in physics?

by Sharon Begley appeared in this past Friday’s Wall Street Journal (linked here to a digital reprint from the Northwest Florida Daily News since the Journal’s own site is subscription-only).

The money quote:

it comes to extending our knowledge of the laws of nature, we have made
no real headway" in 30 years, writes physicist Lee Smolin of the
Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada, in his book, "The Trouble with
Physics," also due in September. "It’s called hitting the wall.

It does make you wonder, what delusional force could possibly get so many otherwise brilliant people to spend so much time looking under the wrong rocks… and what other rocks might there be to look under that they might have over looked in all this time.  Hmmmm…??

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One Response to Broken String (Theory)

  1. The key to understanding the physical laws of the Universe is to know and understand Consciousness (through meditation and self study). Hence, you must know Self. That Consciousness is a subquantum construct of reality, which are the strings and building blocks that creates and nets together all other realities creating an Omniverse in which there exist infininite number of universes and dimenensions (The Great Illusion). One can call this the MIND OF GOD for lack of a better word. Hence, the Omniverse is both Intelligent and live, and we are its subparticals existing on every level of expression from the essence of creation to Humans (including all other species on earth and elsewhere) to Extraterrestrial to planetary and celestial bodies, etc. We are all one Being, the Self and the illusion of separation and individuality (duality) is merely our distorted reflection looking back at on Itself…

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