Stand by for Defying Gravity

"An artist's only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection,
and on his own terms, not anyone else's"

--JD Salinger

Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of
T. Townsend Brown

An underground "Cult Classic"

Now available on the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader! Here is the raw, unexpurgated, all-in, "kitchen sink" version of the (supposedly) authorized biography of Thomas Townsend Brown - aka "the biography of a man whose story cannot be told."

Genius inventor, gentleman spy and mystic warrior, Brown is the enigmatic scientist who claimed to demonstarte a link between electricity and gravity in the 1920s, before disappearing behind a curtain of classified military research and covert intelligence operations after World War II (or so we're told...)

This is the first-ever comprehensive attempt to follow Brown's bizarre odyssey. It was originally written online from 2005-2008 with the aid of "reliable sources" who professed to have first-hand knowledge of Brown's covert activities.

Now available for the Kindle eBook Reader.

The e-version is also available at

(If you purchased a copy of Defying Gravity prior to February 27, 2009,
please download a copy of the Acknowledgements section which has beeen added to the text.)

If reading nearly 600 pages on-screen doesn't sound ideal, there is now also a
hardcopy edition
(but the manufacturing costs are steep, so it's kinda pricey).

If you are an agent, editor, or publisher interested in representing or publishing this fascinating but dubious tale,  please suspend your disbelief long enough contact the author. Or click here to read the concept statement that accompanied the original book proposal.

You are also welcome to read the Preface that begins the book. The Preface and the Prologue are both available as part of the preview at

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If you have a healthy appetite for the opaque and enigmatic, you can get some idea of the fractious controversies that swirl around this subject matter here and here.  Don't say nobody warned you.



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