Back In The Saddle

Just in case anybody is wondering…. my hard drive was restored on Monday, but it did take ALL day.  I’m finally getting back to the task at hand now.  It feels like I’ve lost a whole week.  Wait a second… Thursday to Wednesday.. yup, pretty much a week.  So where were we….

Oh yes, looking for a hole in "conventional electrical theory" big enough to drive a time machine through.

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  1. vince white says:

    Paul & Linda & truth loving
    These comments are an alert to examine the waters we sail on. There are those who wish
    we had never set sail. There are those who
    attempt to persuade us to turn back, and there are those , who fly false flags and wish to sink us, or steer us to a different destination.
    Their purpose is to keep the secrets of the destination lands , which are similar to the methods the visitors to our planet employ to travel , and our duplicated vessels fly.
    Analogic to “Tube alloy” or “fission” in the 30′s there is much misdirection on gravity research , aimed at foreign nations an attempt to slow and delay the day many nations invest resources into this area that are tiny relative to the oceans of money spent on this by the US.
    It is my sad but essential dutiful point to indicate virtualy every forum on this topic has conceptual saboteurs , and peddlers of failure and liars about achievments.
    Ignore certain avian twitters and catalog and tally genuine anomalous sightings near the premier US aerospace R&D centers. this will lead to the truth, that we have now vessels that could return that ET
    bioresearcher, who was lost in the woods.
    These vessels over NV. or UT. or deep in the pacific, have been seen to display colossal delta V , and they sometimes squawk on transponder code test vehicle. Gather the reports and this will lead to the truth on the achievements of
    “TT” , which blend beautifully with the engineering from elsewhere . The laws of physics are the same everywhere, and they are finite, those a million years ahead are in fact only a century or two ( progress is asymptotic and finite as well )from our
    destiny in the stars. Courage, Maxwells reformulated extended equations will require much added study for students to learn some day, in my understanding.
    vince white

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