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In Case You Missed It

“Change” is coming in the realms of science, too: So Happy New Year, everybody.

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MadV: “One World”

I just read about this in WIRED, in an article by Clive Thompson (who wrote about Townsend Brown and the lifters a few years ago).  So this YouTube magician who wears a Guy Fawkes mask and does 'anti-gravity' tricks with … Continue reading

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Elvis Lives…

…and  George W. Bush is just the Comissioner of Baseball…or, at least, these are among the possibilities that some leading physicists postulate might live among an infinite number of parallel universes.  A recent episode of The History Channel's "The Universe" … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale

Oh yeah, "fact checking."  What a concept:  A man whose memoir about his experience during the Holocaust was to have been published in February has admitted that his story was embellished, and on Saturday evening his publisher canceled the release … Continue reading

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It’s Also Isaac Newton’s Birthday

 ..although that depends on which calendar you're using: Some years ago, the evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins pointed out to me that Sir Isaac Newton, the founder of modern physics and mathematics, and arguably the greatest scientist of all time, … Continue reading

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Merry Ho Ho

And Happy Ha Ha: Best wishes to all for a safe and warm holiday, wherever you are whatever you’re having. –Ann, Paul… and Zoe

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“Free Energy” ?

Here’s a ten-minute interview with Paul LaViolette, author of “The Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion” “He discloses the existence of advanced gravity-control technologies, under secret military development for decades, that could revolutionize air travel and energy production. Included among the secret … Continue reading

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Now Playing At A Theater Near You

Those of you who have been following along will recall that the original 1951 release of the “The Day The Earth Stood Still” was one of Townsend Brown’s favorite movies.  The story is he shut his lab down for an … Continue reading

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