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John Hodgman Explains It All For You

I think this is the kind of intellect we need to lead us to the bottom of the rabbit hole: somebody who can ramble through a story about aliens, physics, time, space and the way all of these somehow contribute … Continue reading

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Biefeld–Brown effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A pretty thorough explanation of the Biefeld–Brown effect just showed up in Wikipedia: The Biefeld–Brown effect is an effect that was discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown (USA) and Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld (CH). The effect is more widely referred to … Continue reading

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Another “Atomic Spy” Passes On

R. R. Furman, 93, Dies; Led Bomb-Project Spying Robert R. Furman, a former Army major who as chief of foreign intelligence for the American atomic bomb project in World War II coordinated and often joined harrowing espionage missions to kidnap … Continue reading

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TED Prize for SETI Researcher

The presitigious "TED" conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) has awarded one of its three annual grants to a SETI researcher: Astronomer Jill Tarter is Director of the SETI Institute’s Center for SETI Research, and also holder of the Bernard M. Oliver … Continue reading

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Look! Up in The Sky!

No!  Down in the water! Since the subject of (stealth?) submarines comes up from time to time in our explorations, I thought I’d pass on this story about Steve Fossett’s Super Secret Flying, Diving, Space Bound Submersible that was recently … Continue reading

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“Flash of Genius” – A Timely Reminder

The release of the new movie "Flash of Genius" has brought the subject of  How Inventors Always Get Screwed into the daily media diet. BTW, if you don’t know about Armstrong, you should read Lawrence Lessing’s (he’s not the Internet … Continue reading

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So Much for our “Wits Getting Sharper”

We like to think of America as the shining light of civilization, Reagan’s "city on the hill," a bastion of "exceptionalism" according to that great contemporary political philosopher Sarah Palin. Well, maybe not so much: It must be tough being … Continue reading

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Geek Humor

In case anybody was wondering.

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Things That Go Zap

At the High Energy Amateur Science gathering in Richmond , VA.

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