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Another Researcher Tracks Sarbacher

How Dr. Sarbacher Died Yields New, Different UFO Mystery! Dr. Sarbacher lived in Palm Beach, Florida, at the time of his death, and although Florida will release a death certificate to anyone who orders one, the state by law can … Continue reading

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More Discussion of “Evidence”

I see that we now have our own discussion going in the forums about the "evidence of time travel."  The thread has been started here.  It will be interesting to see if this discussion draws any more traffic into our … Continue reading

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The Dorchester Vase

Speaking of "evidence of time travel"…? It is difficult to understand why anyone might take this report seriously. Firstly, it was found among rubble, with no proof that it was ever inside the rock. So why was that assumption made? … Continue reading

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Search for Evidence of Time Travel in Ancient Texts

Here’s a discussion some of you might want to tune in to: I wish to establish a set of rules for studying Evidence of Time Travel. This study is not about ‘How time travel works’ nor ‘When was a time … Continue reading

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Y’all Might Want To…

…tune into this: Please Tune in this Friday to the World Puja Network for an interview with Orion Project director Dr. Steven M. Greer and chief science advisor Dr. Ted Loder.  The interview will take place on Friday, May 9th … Continue reading

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Now Why Does…

…THIS look familiar? Plasma-powered flying saucer Pass a current or magnetic field through a conducting fluid and it will generate a force. Numerous aerospace engineers have tried and failed to exploit this phenomenon, known as magnetohydrodynamics, as an exotic form … Continue reading

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Somebody, Please…

…find a way to show this to Elizabeth: Lorenzo : the Flying French Man…by alatebo

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