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R.I.P. Gene Meeks

As regular readers of these pages know, the subject of controlled nuclear fusion runs parallel to all this discussion of "antigravity" and free-energy research and non-conventional physics.  In fact  the pursuit of fusion formed the unifying arc of the my … Continue reading

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Chapter 49 Is Now Online

I guess it’s a good thing that we’re shaking the bugs out of this story by publishing it online before it goes to actual print.  Chapter 49: Man On The Floor! is a case in point.  I thought this chapter … Continue reading

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Anti-Gravity “Myth-Busted”

Did anybody happen to see this episode of "Myth Busters" on the Discovery Channel that has aired a few times in the past week or so?  The hosts explore a couple of "anti gravity" devices, among them a "lifter" based … Continue reading

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P-39 – The Lost Squadron

This is not a story that is directly related to the topic(s) at hand, but it’s a wonderful aside.  I first ever heard of the P-38 Lightning — the elegant, twin-fuselage fighter plane so revered by combat pilots during World … Continue reading

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Picking Up Where We Left Off

Do you remember where we left off?  Does this sound familiar? That rustling sound you hear is the sound of a curtain drawing closed, and the apparition you see behind the curtain is the vanishing figure of Thomas Townsend Brown. … Continue reading

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